Wood Benefits

FAST CONSTRUCTION – Wood is a material easy to shape and handle, allowing a relatively easy development of components to fit each project. Easy assemble due to the lightness of the material and is guaranteed by a young team with field experience.

THERMAL ISOLATION - The intrinsic properties of wood allow a excellent thermal isolation. However it will be necessary a combination with other isolation materials. The main isolation material used is rock wool and polystyrene.

ACUSTIC ISOLATION - Is one of the other properties of wood. A wooden house is quieter inside compared with brickwork and metal structures.

Wood has better fire resistence than the traditional structures in cement and metal.

Wood buildings have better anti-seismic properties than traditional structures.

We guarantee the fulfillment of the presented budgets, avoiding the typical overruns that occur in construction.

Other advantages are associated with the aesthetic component of this material. Allows for greater harmonization and environment in different spaces, giving a feeling of comfort and flexibility in the process of decoration.